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Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is widely sought after for its' amazing bodybuilding and anti-aging benefits. However, the only way to obtain real somatotropin HGH is through injections or steroids, making it impractical for most people. There are many causes for concern before you think about using HGH. Here are some things you need to know about HGH growth hormone side effects.

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HGH injections actually require a prescription to legally obtain and receive. Therefore, unless you have a growth deficiency, there is no way you can legally obtain HGH, although some anti-aging clinics have prescribed them for even mild cases if the client can afford it. Unfortunately, this has opened the doors for the black market to start selling HGH, which has obvious health risks. Not only are you illegally obtaining HGH but you also have no clue whether or not the needle is clean and whether proper storage methods were used during transport.

One of the worst side effects of HGH injections is the risk of contraction of disease, from the needles used for daily growth hormone injections. This is a bigger concern when people are injecting illegal steroids in a non-medical environment, but even legal HGH injections done under a doctor's supervision have a risk of infection at the injection site. Infections can be a common side effect any time a person receives multiple injections over a course of time, as prescription HGH typically involves.

In most cases, growth hormone injections will mainly cause a skin irritation on the site of injection called injection-site reaction. This irritation generally dries out the skin and may turn the skin red. For many people injection-site reaction will also cause a great deal of itching, which can be incredibly bothersome.

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Like HGH injections, steroids also have numerous negative side effects as well. There have been numerous studies that have found that steroids weaken the liver and dramatically increase the chance for liver cancer in the future. Plus, if there is a tumor already present, researchers have found that steroid use can increase the rate of growth dramatically. Since steroids are often taken in uncontrolled environment outside of proper medical oversight, there are far greater risks of counterfeit, expired, or adulterated products being used accidentally. Since HGH is a very fragile molecule, it is particularly sensitive to improper storage and temperature; greatly increasing the risk that its usage may be ineffective, or even dangerous, if it does not come from a proper medical source.

Other common side effects of steroid use include severe cystic acne, shrunken testicles, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue in males), high cholesterol, and an enlarged prostate. In addition to these side effects mentioned above, steroids can also cause wild swings in mood, which is often referred to as "roid rage." Some studies are finding that up to 80% of steroid users will experience changes in mood and behavior from even limited steroid use.

The dangers and side effects of both HGH injections and steroid use should be enough to turn you away from using them. In addition to being cost-prohibitive, the health risks and side effects can greatly outweigh the benefits. However, there is still a way to reap the benefits of HGH without these side effects. This can be achieved by using a human growth hormone enhancer like Sytropin.

A human growth hormone enhancer like Sytropin uses natural vitamins, herbs, and other nutrients to increase your body's natural production of HGH. In other words, rather than directly take HGH, a human growth hormone enhancer will help your pituitary gland increase its' production of HGH.

Growth hormone enhancers can increase your HGH levels without the dangerous side effects or health concerns that surround injections or steroids. Plus, HGH enhancers are available online, are much cheaper than injections, and are completely legal to take without a prescription. Based upon all of the information prevented above, if you want to boost your HGH levels without harming your body, consider trying a safe, natural HGH product like Sytropin.

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