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   Our natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced by the anterior part of the pituitary gland. Our natural growth hormone is a delicate molecule composed of a complex chain of 191 amino acids in a specific order. Known by its scientific name as somatotropin, this hormone is responsible for many bodily functions related to growth, development, and recovery. Deficiencies of somatropin, particularly early in life, can result in dwarfism and other serious health problems. While somatropin is produced by the pituitary gland throughout life, the levels of production vary greatly at different stages of our life cycle.

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   During the years between puberty and the mid-twenties, natural somatropin levels are at their peak. However, as we age, our pituitary gland produces less and less of its own growth hormone, and levels begin to decrease. By the age of 60, HGH levels are typically only at about 15 percent of what they once were, and continue to steadily fall. This significant decline can even occur earlier in life in individuals who eat unhealthy, do not exercise frequently, have genetic predispositions to low HGH production, or have a stressful lifestyle. Symptoms of low HGH levels may include fatigue, high cholesterol, early skin aging and impotence. Lack of energy, vitality, increased body fat and slower recovery times are also hallmarks of low HGH levels.

Sytropin HGH - Money Back Guarantee   Clinical studies have shown that by using an injectable form of recombinant human growth hormone (called somatropin), the body can utilize this form the same way it uses its own natural human growth hormone. A well-known clinical study called the Rudman Study showed shocking improvements in test subjects given these types of HGH injections. Impressive increases in muscle mass and reductions in body fat occurred in test subjects with no other behavior changes. Increased energy levels and faster recovery times were also experienced by most test subjects.

   While this test showed impressive results by any measure, the use of recombinant growth hormone injections is problematic for most people. The recombinant form of HGH is just as delicate as our own natural human growth hormone, it can only be administered by injection, and it is incredibly expensive to produce, store, and administer in therapeutic doses. Concerns about its anabolic effects being equivalent to steroids made it tightly regulated and controlled in most countries. As a prescription medication, this type of HGH is also supposed to only be prescribed by medical doctors for individuals who are extremely deficient in growth hormone.

    Although HGH injections cannot be obtained by most people; HGH supplements like Sytropin are available without a prescription or the significant costs and side effects of injectable HGH. While not as powerful as prescription injections, HGH supplements like Sytropin are aimed at providing the same types of benefits including increased muscle mass, lower body fat, faster wound healing, more restful sleep and recovery, and improvements in energy levels and athletic performance by increasing secretion of natural human growth hormone. Sytropin is available at significantly lower cost than somatotropin injections, and is delivered through a convenient oral spray.

Order Sytropin HGH Risk-Free Now Order Sytropin HGH Risk-Free Now

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"My energy levels and athletic performance have really shown the difference since taking Sytropin HGH. I'm recovering quicker and feel better after workouts. Keep up the good work and great product."
Andrew W
Age 27 - Vancouver, WA

Why Choose an HGH Oral Spray?

Sytropin is one of the very few HGH supplements that can give you all of the anti-aging benefits of prescription human growth hormone, without painful injections.

Most pills and liquids are broken down by the stomach and liver, rendering them less effective. The key is Sytropin's oral delivery system, which allows for greater absorption of the active ingredients through the lining of the mouth.

With Sytropin, you get the anti-aging benefits of HGH in their full potency immediately into your body through a convenient oral spray!


"Have had great results with the product. I'm 45 and very active as a surfer, firefighter and the vice president of a title company. People always wonder how I can do it all. I've always had a ton of energy but I have so much more after just 2 months of using the product. Look forward to feeling the results after 6 months."
David S


"Sytropin has been very effective for my overall health, I am impressed by my results these past 3 months, and am now placing another order for me and my wife."
Eric M.
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