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Rudman HGH Study

In 1990, groundbreaking HGH research, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Daniel Rudman, shook the entire medical establishment. In a closely watched double-blind study Dr. Rudman administered daily growth hormone injections to a group of men and recorded the results.

Working with men between the ages of 61 and 81, Dr. Rudman documented the following results: Six months of synthetic HGH injections in the volunteer group literally reversed aging in the patients. In the group that didn't receive HGH, the normal aging process continued. However, the results from those who received the actual HGH were extraordinary; an average increase in lean muscle mass of 8.8%, and a reduction in body fat of 14.4%. Skin thickness increased, bone density improved, and feelings of energy and well-being improved dramatically. It appeared that science had found a possible key to turning back the clock on aging by harnessing the power of our own built-in fountain of youth; Human Growth Hormone.

In the decades since Dr Rudman's ground-breaking research, possibly no clinical study of anti-aging and performance enhancing medicine has been so often misquoted or used inappropriately. Dr. Rudman's study relied on daily injections, in a closely-monitored clinical setting, to achieve the spectacular results. Since that time, many "alternatives" to the prescription synthetic growth hormone used in the study have popped up claiming equivalent results from an HGH pill or powder. Nothing could be further from the truth; many of these alleged HGH supplements are little more than multi-vitamins, incapable of producing even a fraction of the results achieved through injectable HGH. None of those products used injections, none were part of a double-blind clinical study, and almost none of them contained even the most basic building blocks of natural human growth hormone. So many of these questionable products began citing to the Rudman study as proof of their own version's effectiveness that the FDA took the unusual step of publicly stating that the Rudman study's results should not be extrapolated out to any of the new HGH supplement products appearing on the market. Many of these product marketers were closed down by federal and state regulators for their deceiving statements.

After the smoke cleared, certain HGH supplements remained on the market. While injectable HGH like that used by Dr. Rudman remains illegal for usage in any supplement form, current regulations do allow for HGH supplements in secretagogue form. A secretagogue is a growth hormone releasing compound. Secretagogues like Sytropin work by stimulating aging pituitary cells to release (secrete) higher levels of their own natural growth hormone, as they did in youth. By also providing the amino acid building blocks of the human growth hormone molecules and natural growth factors, products like Sytropin can work to boost our own human growth hormone levels safely and naturally. While the maximum effects achieved through prescription injections remain unattainable solely through HGH secretagogue usage, many of the same beneficial goals (fat loss, muscle mass increase, faster recovery) are within reach, without the serious costs or side effects of injections.

Sytropin uses natural HGH secretagogues, L-group amino acids (the natural building blocks of our body's own growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland) and powerful growth factors to achieve its results, without the need for doctor's visit or medication prescriptions. Users report positive results in their health and well-being after even short-term usage of Sytropin. If you are looking to an alternative to prescribed hormonal injections, give Sytropin HGH spray a try today.

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