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Growth Hormone Deficiency and Treatment

A growth hormone deficiency is a medical condition in which the pituitary gland does not produce enough growth hormone to facilitate normal growth and development. In infants, this can cause serious long-term health problems. In toddlers and young children, a deficiency may result in slower learning development and smaller size then peers, although many young children "grow out" of it and reach normal growth rates within their first five years, For pre-teens and teenagers, growth hormone deficiencies can lead to smaller stature, low weight, and delayed puberty and maturation. A growth hormone deficiency is not very common in adults, but it can lead to poor bone density, wasting, and numerous psychological problems. Some adults seek treatment for low secretion levels of growth hormone in order to gain certain anti-aging and athletic benefits.

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It is unknown what exactly causes a growth hormone deficiency, but there are numerous things that are believed to affect the likelihood of a growth hormone deficiency. These risk factors include Turner Syndrome, mutations of genes, brain tumors, autoimmune inflammations, chronic renal insufficiency, and a damaged pituitary gland due to trauma or radiation. Growth hormone deficiency should never be confused with simple small size, especially in young children, and can only be properly diagnosed and treated by a doctor. A deficiency is a medical problem requiring treatment, whereas many adults who do not suffer from a true deficiency are simply seeking the positive benefits that higher growth hormone levels can provide in otherwise healthy adults.

Treating a Growth Hormone Deficiency

The good news is that a growth hormone deficiency can be treated, especially when diagnosed early. The most common way to treat a growth hormone deficiency is through regular somatotropin growth hormone injections. These injections are normally only given to young children because they have the highest success rate. Growth hormone injections are also administered by a medical professional, normally a pediatrician, and must be administered on a regular basis. Typically, younger children respond more rapidly than teenagers or adults do.

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Most children can experience above normal growth within the first year of taking growth hormone injections. In some cases, children can even see growth rates of over six inches, which is about three times the normal growth rate. After the first year, the dose is normally lowered until normal growth rates are observed.

In adults, growth hormone injections are not normally administered. However, in the most extreme cases where GH levels are incredibly low, they can be prescribed to adults to curb the negative effects of growth hormone efficiency.

Drawbacks of Growth Hormone Injections

Unfortunately, there are serious drawbacks to growth hormone injections. First, growth hormone injections are incredibly expensive. In some cases, it can cost upwards of $30,000 for enough growth hormone injections just to last one year. Insurance companies do not always cover the full cost of growth hormone injections, especially if it for adults or teenagers who are otherwise healthy. People seeking growth hormone treatments for anti-aging or athletic benefits must typically cover the entire cost out of pocket, and usually get prescriptions from expensive anti-aging specialists to qualify for the injections.

Products like Sytropin and other HGH supplements are not intended to treat human growth deficiencies, especially in children. People suffering from a medical problem like dwarfism or growth hormone deficiency should never rely on supplements, and should seek proper professional medical assistance. For otherwise healthy adults seeking some of the positive benefits of increasing their HGH levels naturally, Sytropin can provide a convenient and safe approach to stimulating HGH secretion and providing the amino acid building blocks and growth factors to look and feel their best.

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